L: Group of the diplomatic corps from The Hague

M: Tour for the Space Invader Mosaics at ESA ESTEC

R: Parabolic flights for research in weightlessness

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L=Left photo, M=Middle photo, R=Right photo

L: IXV - Europe’s atmospheric reentry test plane
M: In the Cupola with NASA astronaut Janet Kavandi
R: Competition Winners in the Galileo Navigation Lab

L: Tour for the reunion of the COS-B engineers

M: A drop tower for experiments in weightlessness

R: The Tesla Club Belgium during a European tour

L: Dutch King Willem-Alexander visiting ESA ESTEC

M: Aerospace students from TU Delft with comet 67P

R: The real Herschel telescope in the Test Centre

L: This rover at ESTEC was driven live from the ISS

M: Astronaut Andreas Mogensen with a test robot

R: Model of the ExoMars rover in the Planetary Lab


L: Tour for André Kuipers and SpaceBuzz Foundation

M: An ambassador with a Russian Foton capsule

R: With astronaut Paolo Nespoli in the Planetary Lab

L: G. Visentin gives a tour of the Planetary Lab

M: Atmospheric reentry space plane in the cleanroom

R: Visit of Air Cadets, future pilots of the Air Force

L: Leiden University - Air and Space Law students

M: TEDxESA conference on Science Beyond Fiction

R: SOLERO tests driving on Mars with solar power

L: Wishing G. Tumino well with the IXV test campaign

M: The ARD tested atmospheric reentry from space

R: Academics from Brazil on their European tour

L: Space Invaders “flashing” one of the mosaics

M: The Eurobot is used in telerobotic experiments

R: CERN students visitng the satellite design studio