Rules for identification and entering the ESA ESTEC site
ESA ESTEC manages the design, development and testing of space missions for the 22 Member States. Since ESTEC is the technical heart of the space agency, there are many labs and facilities on site. This requires ESA to maintain a very high level of security and a strict access procedure.

Rule 1: if your request to visit ESA ESTEC is approved, you will be sent a spreadsheet to enter the names of all participants. We should receive the list at least 48 hours before your arrival to register the names and prepare visitor badges.

Rule 2: every visitor has to present an original personal photo identity document (passport, drivers license or national identity card). The document will be scanned for authenticity and validity. The scan does not record and store any personal information. The Security Officers may deny access to anyone without a valid ID.  

Rule 3: documents that are NOT acceptable are paper copies or electronic scans of ID documents, library cards, student cards, credit cards and company badges, even if they have your name and photo on them.

How to reach ESA ESTEC
ESA ESTEC, Keplerlaan 1, Noordwijk, the Netherlands. From Leiden Centraal train station take the Arriva bus line 430 which stops at ESA ESTEC (bus link below). Click
here for travel instructions to ESA ESTEC. These links can also help plan your journey.
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Tourist information and how to discover the area
If you are visiting from abroad you may find some of the following links interesting when you want to explore Noordwijk, The Hague, Leiden or Amsterdam.
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You have to present a valid photo ID to access the site