Info and contact:

Robert Willemsen - SPACETOURS Noordwijk

Mobile phone: +31 (0)6 23040002

E-mail: info@spacetoursnoordwijk.com

Higher office towers (right) and lower extension with restaurant and conference rooms (left) designed to merge into the dune landscape. Photo: Robert Willemsen

The elaborate and extended entrance leading to the main reception in the office towers. Photo: Robert Willemsen

One of the office towers with the stepped facade with the higher floor being wider than the lower floor and als note  the unique open copper rain pipes. (Photo: Robert Willemsen)

The maze of coloured steel support beams spanning the spaces in typical Van Eyck colour scheme at the heart of the restaurant.  (Photo: Robert Willemsen)

The magnificent large conference room in Canadian pine wood with undulating walls and complex ceilings. (Photo: Robert Willemsen)

Within the repetitive, fractal like superstructure, all areas of the restaurant have their own intimate character that challenges the senses. (Photo: Robert Willemsen)

The Winter Garden, a selcluded in-between space that’s designed to let light pour deep into the surrounding spaces. (Photo: Robert Willemsen)