This overview covers all the main activities of ESA. It is an introduction into the ESA space programmes and what we do at ESTEC, the technical centre of the European Space Agency.

What are the steps, principles and trade off’s behind the design of a satellite? Why concurrent design is the only way to realise ESA’s complex and multidisciplinary space missions.

3D printing for space

Explore how 3D printing is applied to space. Understand the logic for Moon and Mars missions. See and handle 3D printed tools, items made from plastics, titanium and even lunar soil simulant.

Robotics for Moon and Mars

Learn more about the most cutting edge experiments ESA does in preparation for robotic exploration for Moon and Mars. See a robot arm for the ISS and the ExoMars rover that looks for life on Mars.

ESA’s space plane

About ESA’s successful experimental atmospheric reentry mission. Design, systems, experiments, testing, mission profile, recovery, post-flight results and evolution to the Space Rider.

Satellite testing

Take a 360 degree panoramic walk through Europe’s largest test facilities and see how spacecraft are tested under launch and space conditions. Plus video of satellite testing in action.

Astronaut food & nutrition

How and what do astronauts eat in space? Learn about the preparation of space food, menus, eating in space, impact on digestion, nutritional research and growing food in space.

Spin-off’s from space

About the industrial policy, IP and economic benefits of investing in space technology. With many examples of how ESA helps startups bring products to the market based on ESA space tech.

Since ESA ESTEC is the technical centre, there are many different facilities and activities. All tours start with a presentation to have a better understanding of what ESA does.

For the BASIC TOUR only the standard ESA Overview presentation is included.

For the CUSTOM TOUR you can chose a selection of additional topics to suit your interests.

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ESA Overview

Satellite design