Topics covered during the tour
Every group visiting ESA ESTEC is curious about the topics that will be covered during the tour. Since Noordwijk is the technical heart of ESA, there is a wide variety of facilities and activities. Below you can find a brief description of the locations and themes. Or click
here for an overview to compare the presentation topics.

Which presentation you will get?
Basic Tour only has the short ESA Overview. The Standard Tour has the ESA Overview and the 360 Virtual Tour of the Satellite Test Centre. For the Custom Tour we can combine any of the themes for a longer and fully customised presentation.

Concurrent Design Facility - designing future missions
How ESA uses concurrent engineering (CE). With design steps, process, trade-offs, simulations, benefits and cases. Learn why CE is crucial for succes in complex space missions.

ESA Overview - what we do
The overview covers all the main activities of ESA. This is an introduction into the ESA space programmes and what ESA ESTEC in Noordwijk does as the technical heart of the agency.

3D printing for space - from components to a lunar base
The labs explore how 3D printing can be applied to space to save cost and environment. How 3D printing works, printing of components, satellite parts, thrusters and even a lunar base.

Robotics for Moon and Mars - using robotics in space
Overview of orbital and planetary robotics. Robotics for space debris removal, haptic research, exoskeletons, Moon and Mars exploration, and telerobotics for driving rovers from space.

360 Virtual Tour of ESTEC Satellite Test Centre
Take a 360 degree panoramic walk through Europe’s largest test facilities and see how spacecraft are tested under launch and space conditions. Plus video of satellite testing in action.

IXV - ESA’s atmospheric reentry space plane
About ESA’s successful experimental atmospheric reentry mission. Design, systems, experiments, testing, mission profile, recovery, post-flight results and evolution to the Space Rider.

Space Solutions - spin-offs from Space to Earth
About the economic benefits and return on investment from space. How ESA helps entrepreneurs bring products to the market based on ESA technology, illustrated with many cases.

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