As official guide for ESA I organise tours for diplomats, the EU, space industry, scientists, conferences and universities. In addidtion to that, I also do tours and events for companies, conference groups and organisations on a commercial basis. Come to Noordwijk and discover a world of space, technology and innovation.

This is the largest technical centre of the European Space Agency where ca. 2.700 professionals from 22 member states work on the design of the missions, R&D and the testing of the satellites under launch and space conditions. ESTEC is the most prestigious location for space in Noordwijk, The Nederlands and Europe.

Tours and events
We can organise tours and events for business clients (12-300 p). From short tours, networking events to super exclusive VIP events in the heart of the space agency. You get a private event in a real and inspirational space environment. With presentations, spreakers, labs and tours we can balance content and networking in such a way that the programmes are fully tailor made to your wishes.

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Contact: Robert Willemsen - SPACETOURS Noordwijk
E-mail: info@spacetoursnoordwijk.com        |        Mobile phone: +31 (0)6 23040002

Robert Willemsen, SPACETOURS Noordwijk

André Kuipers flew in this real Soyuz capsule