Info and contact:

Robert Willemsen - SPACETOURS Noordwijk

Mobile phone: +31 (0)6 23040002

E-mail: info@spacetoursnoordwijk.com

The first Space Invader is next to the Gatereception welcoming you as you walk in to check in. (Photo: Robert Willemsen)

Flashing the flashers: nice perspective of the group flashing one of the invaders in the E-corridor of the laboratory complex. (Photo: Robert Willemsen)

The E-corridor of the Materials and Components Laboratory, also known as the “rainbow corridor”, features two Space Invaders. This is where ESTEC has it’s state of the art labs to do quality control, failure investigation and mission simulation for all materials, components and processes. (Photo: Robert Willemsen)

One of the Space Invaders lives on Mars! A group of players flashing the one inside the Plantary Robotics Laboratory where we do research into autonomous driving for Moon and Mars with rovers. (Photo: Robert Willemsen)

One of the largest Space Invaders on site: the little invader flying on the International Space Station between the golden solar panels. This one is located in the exhibition area of the Erasmus Innovation Centre. (Photo: Robert Willemsen)