Corporate event where Capgemini and one of their top clients gave a series of presentations followd by a panel discussion. A guest speaker talked about big data handling in Earth Observation before a tour in subgroups. Afterwards networking with drinks and snacks. (Photo: Robert Willemsen)

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A TEDx event themed “Science Beyond Fiction” which saw 300 guests in attendence and 9.000 participants online. Hosted by Dutch astronaut André Kuipers, 12 speakers gave their take on exciting innovations with inspiration from a futurist, AI specialist, Apollo engineer, 3D printing specialist and a space entrepeneur. (Photo: Robert Willemsen)

The exhibition area of the Erasmus Centre offers the perfect venue for tours and events as it lies at the heart of the space agency. You walk and network on a floor that has seen rovers on it being driven live  from space by ESA astronauts during preparatory experiments for future Moon exploration. It does not get more inspirational than that! (Photo: Robert Willemsen)

Networking event where a keynote speech, a tour and a walking dinner were combined in a beautiful space atmosphere. (Photo: Robert Willemsen)


Is there life on Mars? You can contemplate profound questions like these while networking with a glass in hand as you peer into our real Mars lab with experimental rovers and engineers at work. How unique is that? (Photo: Robert Willemsen)

VIP event by OMEGA where the new X-33 Marstimer was presented to top guests, dealers and the press. Some research for the watch was done in the ESA ESTEC labs. Including a contribution by OMEGA Ambassador Jean-Francois Clervoy, former ESA Astronaut. (Photo: Robert Willemsen)